In 2005 a Rehabilitation Center was founded for people suffering from alcohol anddrug addictions. People who work there have set up a goal that those who cometo that center would be set free from drugs or any other kind of addiction. Thesecond task is to tell those who go through rehabilitation about the One, Whogives this freedom about Jesus Christ.

Drug-addictionis a spiritual addiction. If the spiritual condition of a person is notcorrected, they will remain in physical dependance. After leaving any medicalinstitution, a drug-addict still goes back to the needle. From the experienceof Christian Rehabilitation Centers we see that those people, who had beenrevived spiritually, never go back. We work with major young men. At present wehave in our center young men. We would like to receive more, but our physicaland material possibilities do not allow us to do this yet. Right now we are inthe process of construction and as we expand, we will be able to receive morepeople.

Real freedom

I can testify that young men who come to us do not even experience the feeling of breaking. God sets them free once and forever. In fact, they say that even if an ordinaryperson does not change his way of thinking, attitude toward life, if he doesnot appreciate and respect himself during sickness, he will remain sick, nomatter how you treat him. The young men, who come to us, change from the inside.I know many people, who have been set free by the Lord, and today they arehappy people, they have families. They serve God, enjoy life and say: «How crazy we were, when we were addicted to drugs».


— Every young man is individual. It is good if he listens to you, but what if hetries to outwit you? The drug-addicts say about themselves: «We are good dodgersand liars». You can't trust them. As soon as you trust them, they will deceiveyou. This is why we have to always be careful. At first, when a new personcomes to the center, he does not take you in. This is why we never impose spiritualrenewal, repentance. We wait until changes take place in the heart and mind ofa person. And we pray for him only in case if he asks for prayer. And, as arule, if drug-addicts ask for prayer himself, he gets deliverance. We have people who have been everywhere: in state medical institutions for drug-addicts,in Orthodox monasteries, other places like that neither one could help them. Theycome to us and become free from their addictions.

If thereare rehabilitation centers, caring people, who can stand in the gap, these statistics will not be confirmed. Those young men who are being set free today,will be able, in turn, to stand in the gap for other young people. They willgo to the basements and attics, and say: «There is a chance, there is a way out,and you can be free!» And, with faith in God, we will do our best to combatdrug-addiction; we will fight for every young soul, because Jesus died for them.