Neemia Camp Nehemiah

God is talking to us in the Holy Scriptures about the importance of the children and their spiritual and moral education. The family and the church have a direct relationship to invest this education in chidlren's lives which will lead them to know the truth. For this reason Church Elim has widely opened the doors of Camp Neemiah so that chidlren will get to know Jesus Christ.

CAMP «ELIM» 2010

This summer God has blessed and took care of all our needs for the camp, he helped us in all domeins so that we could bring the chidlren to Him and teach them to lovem Him. From different location of Moldova children of different age came to the camp to have a good summer vacation, to make new friends and to recieve education based on the holy scriptures. Spending this time at the camp many children had this opportunity for the first time to be in a Christian environment, hearing and undertanding the Gospel in their level. About 100 children together with leaders came to the camp. Everyone was very ease and involved in the activities, were all very happy adn joyful. We believe that many lives were influenced by teh work of the Holy Spirit and many areas of their life were changed and transformed.


The camp holds 20 houses in which the children were divided in groups by their age and gender. Each group was supervised by a leader for needed protection and safety. Each child's group was surrounded with much attention and was involved in interesting camp activities. Children were told of orders and disciples, attention and involvement and for this were given awards; they were offered special gifts that motivated them to behave well in any case.


Special attention was given to spiritual domain. All the children participated in bible lessons, prayers with leader in the houses, communications and discussions about the Personality Jesus Christ and making relationships with God thru prayer and Bible reading. We were amazed to see some of the children who never knew and never practiced prayer; but now in camp they were praying to Jesus telling Him their needs and desires.And in this surrounding full of love God has revealed Himself to them.


Another aspect of the ministry was participating in skits and other theatrical activities. The purpose of this was to share teh Gospel on the chidlren's level of understanding and having them present it as well. Each child had the possibility to participate in on of the skits, sing a song, read a poem, or to present a drawing on one othe Bible stories. No one was miss seen but all felt very importantn and needed, useful in a certain activty. Chidlren learned Bible stories adn memorezed verses. This way they spent a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord, servign each other.


Knowing that children have much energy they were given the possibility to manifest in games and sports activities organized in order to answer children's needs. Contests, races, awards and competitions; all were included in children's activities. Children were always joyful, in a good mood and with smiles on their faces.


Besides the fact that chidlren had a blessed time, they also had delicious and tasty meals. The children were given time to rest after differetn activities and also during the nights being supervised by the leaders of the groups.


Regardless the fact that children's wish was to stop the time, it has passed and everyone had to leave. Some children couldn't help crying, others were happy to go home. It was remarkable time. Children exchanged with their addresses and telephone numbers and went home to see parents but for us all it takes is to thank God for His grace and begin making other preparations for that wait for us in 2011.

Pray for us that in 2011 we can continue chidlren's ministiry in the camp. Th camp needs reparation and this year especially bathrooms and houses thatdo not correspond to the sanitary hygienne of the Republic of Moldova

Pray that we can bring the camp Neemiah to normal conditions and have chidlren rejoycing next year. In order to repair the houses we need $2000 for each house. This is the cost for materials only, the work itself will be done by brothers from church Elim.

We wish that together we can be used by God to spread the kingdom of heaven in Moldova and especally in the young generation.

Thank you very much for your support and God bless you richly.