The Union of Evangelical Faith Christian Churches forms its staff through various educational programs and training systems. UEFCC has the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, providing theological education of academical level (Bachelor of Christian ministry), with branches in Chisinau and Balti. For training preachers and evangelists there is an intesive training program, monthly day program, within which the students study general biblical subjects, including the basic ones; thematical theology and major subject, doctrine of preaching, including practical part for consolidating the acquired skills. Also, at the intensive studies Bible school in Ribnitsa, have place short seminars for training Children's Sunday School teachers, children's Christian camps workers and choir directors. At the present time the preparations for opening an intensive training Bible School branch in Chisinau are going on. As a form of training we plan to use weekend seminars, i.e. 8-9 three-day sessions a year.

There are also regional schools within EFCC Union; in the northern region, by EFC church in Corjeuti village there is a Bible school for preparing Christian workers with one-year training program, and a missionary school was founded in Transnistrian region in order to raise the level of theological education among evangelists and missionaries, also with one-year training program. The EFCC Union provides the opportunity to receive theological education of the highest level, also through cooperation with other Bible schools, especially through cooperation with Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev, there is an opportunity to master Bible and Theology Master's program as a day program in Kiev or in form of mobile seminars in Chisinau.

The EFCC Union emphasizes the importance of spiritual education, as a system of the spiritual knowledge transmission, on one side, and also as the best possibility of forming new, contemporary spiritual workers, having received the teaching from faithful people, so that they, in turn, could teach others. The EFCC Union constantly maintains spiritual and theological level of the ordained ministers by holding yearly one-week seminars for raising the level of ministers theological education. In the area of education the EFCC Union cooperates with various spiritual centers and Bible Schools from abroad and also with fellowships in CIS and Baltic states. In the Bible School in Ribnitsa take place yearly conferences on education, where the ministers responsible for education and teachers from various regions and schools of the former USSR countries meet. These conferences also take place in Germany and USA, where they exchange experience, new educational programs and courses, which help to constantly raise the academical level and spiritual enrichment of the Bible School teachers. For educating the new generation in the spirit of the Gospel, the EFCC Union founded the first general education school «New Elim», which is situated in the premises of Filadelfia Church, Chisinau and welcomes everyone who wants to study there.