Starting on October 10-13, 2013 an international congress of Evangelical Christians was held in city Lviv, Ucrain. The event gathered at a local church «Calvary» of about 1.5 thousand Pentecostal pastors and bishops from around the world.

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Congress delegates

The motto of the international meeting was the Word from the Scripture: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. (Zechariah 4:6).

After welcoming speeches, a sermon was held by senior bishop of the Poland Pentecostal Churches. The theme of the message was: “The essence and the meaning of baptism in the Holy Spirit”. -“All God needs — is the right state of your heart. It must be open — said the preacher. If we did not receive the Holy Spirit, and aren’t impregnated by Him, like a sponge, we have no use for this world. The work of the Holy Spirit can save: from the disease, a family from falling apart, a man from committing suicide, can change a nation! The world expects a real phenomenon of the Holy Spirit through us, Pentecostals. «- said Marek Kamensky.

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Participants of Congress

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Delegation from Moldova

Thirty delegates from Moldova attended the Congress.

Bishop of Pentecostal Churches of Moldova Victor Pavlovski in his message said: “I remember the first evangelization in the late 80's and I cannot even explain under what law, or on what new regulation it was held. Simply, we quoted Gorbachev: «What is not forbidden by the Constitution — is allowed.» With that, I went to the authorities, and we were allowed to preach openly! I also remember in 1991 when a delegation of pastors from the former Soviet Union, for the first time went to the Pentecostal European Conference in Stockholm. In Stockholm we saw a huge church building in the center of the city, like a City Hall back home, we could not believe our eyes. One of the brothers came up front of the pulpit, raised his hands to heaven and prayed: "Lord, when will something like this be in the Soviet Union!? » Today, when I walked into this beautiful House of God and saw so many joyful ministers and said to myself: «God when will Europe have something like this? » Because the important thing is not the building, but people that are living stones».

Another speaker from R. Moldova was Doru Cirdei who spoke on the topic: «Warnings against abuse of the Holy Spirit».
God has abundantly blessed all the days of the Congress. Throughout all the years, we saw how God richly blesses the work and we believe and are in await for a revival.

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The united choir


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